Get to Know: Bobby Davis, our new Chief People Officer

We are very excited to welcome Bobby Davis as our new Chief People Officer, who joined us earlier this year. She will be part of our Leadership Team that will drive forward a culture that shapes an environment where people can thrive.

Bobby will be playing a significant role in bringing our values to life, as we create an extended family and empower our teams to challenge the norm.

But who is Bobby Davis? From hammer throwing to fancy dress, there is more than meets the eye with Almarose Hotel & Resort’s new Chief People Officer.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

“I have been working in managerial, HR and organisational development roles for 24 years, in sectors ranging from dentistry to housing. My most recent posts include Executive Director of Organisational Development at the General Dental Council, where I developed and executed a rigorous people strategy; and People Strategy Lead at The Law Society, with my role focusing on the coaching and development of people.

“Before starting my career in people management and HR, I spent eight years as a British Army Officer – it was here I found my love for managing people and helping them progress. I was also a hammer and javelin thrower whilst in the army!”

Are there any trends in people management that you have noticed in recent years?

“Something that’s become clear to me fairly recently is the importance of collaboration and interaction. Being able to work online is a fantastic resource for any business, but for real change to happen we need to make sure we are also getting together face-to-face time to learn from each other, enabling us to tackle new challenges and opportunities head-on.

“It’s also key to me to ensure that wellbeing is a key part of any people strategy that we implement here at Almarose Hotels & Resorts. It is only by ensuring that we can cater for the needs of everyone on the team, that we can move forward as an organisation.”

Why hospitality?

“My skills are transferable and I’m always ready to get stuck in. I love tackling a new challenge, so when presented with the opportunity to work in a new industry, I had to take it. It comes down to the fact that my focus has always been people and I love to watch them develop.

“So far, I have really enjoyed working in hospitality and the role has meant I can be creative in my approach, with staying inquisitive and being curious at the core of our vision. It’s certainly given me a new layer of understanding to customer service as well.”

What will your role at Almarose Hotels & Resorts involve?

“I am joining the company at an exciting time as this new role means I can start from scratch and really shape our people processes. I will be drawing on my expertise and previous successes to mould plans, but with the understanding that all businesses work differently and can’t always slot into one formula.

“My main role will be focusing on attracting new talent to the company, as well as developing the careers of our 3,000-strong team. Since starting, I have also been busy recruiting for our people management team and I’m looking forward to introducing a fully collaborative way of working between the hotels and our central team. Almarose Hotels & Resorts is responsible for 20 hotels under three distinct brands so we need to appreciate that each hotel will require a different manner of support, working with the hotels to find a strategy that works for them.”

What has been your biggest highlight since joining Almarose Hotels & Resorts?

“I have the really exciting job over the next few months of being part of the team who are shaping and implementing our new values. I recently had an amazing day bringing together people from across the organisation, to form focus groups to discuss and establish our new values. It was fantastic to start seeing our new values come to life as our people resonated with them.

“We’ve created some brilliant infographics and videos to accompany these values and I’m looking forward to seeing them continue to be introduced through our people and watching them evolve.”

How would you describe the Almarose Hotels & Resorts team in three words?

“Eager, warm and welcoming.”

How would you describe your career in three words?

“Eclectic, expansive and… challenging (in a good way!)”

Can you share a unique fact about yourself?

I’m a fancy-dress wearing gin lover! I have a collection of 110 gins, and I also have boxes of fancy dress! My favourite past fancy dress would be a Japanese Emperor – robes, a beard – the lot!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

“I am so proud of my family and my spare time is filled with them. There is nothing better than a Sunday roast and sticking on our favourite Disney films. We are also big rugby fans. I’ve been out to Rome to watch the Six Nations, supported England at Twickenham numerous times, and hopefully next on my list will be to head to France for the 2023 World Cup.”